John Watson, ‘Late Montale’

Late Montale

There is the late Montale, the late late Montale
And the Montale so late as to be almost putting in an appearance
The following morning. He envisaged at this point the poem
As a shared monologue in which there should be a blurring
Of categories so that poems might be almost indistinguishable from
Commentary … ruminations and even occasional preparatory notes.
These torch songs from the Midnight at the Montale album
Often, one suspects, performed to a much depleted audience
Are therefore a mixed lot. The general reader is urged
To renew his resolve by re-reading earlier implorations.
He will find fragments (such as Rift), speculations
(Such as On Repeats), much that is odd and, perhaps,
Suggestive of someone more inclined to reverie than revision.
The cheerful acceptance of failure colours these pages.

from  Montale: A Biographical Anthology: Collected Works Volume 1   by John Watson

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