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Blindside, Mark Reid’s fifth collection, exhibits his accustomed minimalist rigour, a spare & allusive lyric, contemporary, colloquial, committed, seeking the sublime in the everyday.

Mark Reid’s poetry has always delighted & challenged me. His distinctive voice & finely tuned ear for just the right music has given his work a potency that’s been hard-won. Reid is a craftsman.
—Anthony Lawrence

Reid’s is a brooding art, open to epiphany, constructing it, but also measuring its constant retreat.
—Lyn McCredden

Praise for Looking out from Bashan: the republic of Og:

Mark Reid’s brilliantly strange but accessible writing is lyrical and magical.
— Philip Salom

An intricately delving blend of ancient and modern apocrypha which unearths stories in us all. Mesmerising.
—Toby Davidson