Poems Far and Wide

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Product Description

This very lively collection contains a wide sweep of poems, many of them prize-winning, taking readers on a remarkable journey. Some look to the past, others to the future, but all are of their time: the reverberating now. The tone is contemporary and bold, while the poet’s sensibility tends to favour an eclectic inclusiveness. Uniformly, this wide-ranging and poetically inclusive collection demands to be enjoyed.

“As striking and triumphant in current poetry as a Gauguin in a gallery of Flemish still life.’ — Robert Harris, generally on Jenkins’ work, in Overland.

“There's a whole-heartedness about how he embraces the world he sees: aware of its faults, but never stinting…” — Sharon Olinka (USA) Thylazine website.

“The wit, language play and urbane imagery we are used to from Jenkins, as well as emotional depth and an infectious delight in language…” — Mike Ladd, reviewing Dark River in Australian Book Review.

“Innovative, intellectually sprightly, and artistically refreshing.” — Heather Cam, reviewing A Break in the Weather in Sydney Morning Herald.