Admit the Joyous Passion of Revolt

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How much time and energy does it take to fall in love? Or rinse mottled wings? Does Alexandra Kollontai represent a spectre of utopian promises, or merely a blank space for fantasies of desire and revolution?  This series of poems takes us through nineties socialist science fiction, family abolition, mulberry lipstick, shirts, cardigans, maxi dresses, hyenas, quitting work and spells cast with yeast extract. It is poetry for girls, poetry for communism; it’s poetry for history and for the impossible future.


“To read Admit the Joyous Passion of Revolt… is to be propelled headlong through the dizzy intersect of postmodernity and Marxist-feminist critique, to be flooded with possibilities for distraction, and for engagement…The writing is pacey, and the direct, sometimes conversational tone—so removed from the intellectual posturing that marks much academia-adjacent work—allows readers to slip easily into the pages without getting hung up on their theoretical or historical underpinnings.” DŽENANA VUCIC, Mascara Literary Review

“In Admit the Joyous Passion of Revolt, her second full-length collection, Elena Gomez demands her readers consider what the body needs as it resists its own oppression. A glorious retort to late-stage capitalism and all the ways it distracts us, this collection spins together a bleak map of what it means to exist today, while forcing us to consider all the parts of ourselves we have already offered to a system that yearns for our surrender.” MADISON GRIFFITHS, The Saturday Paper