Nothing to Declare

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Alive, passionate and on the move—these poems range through worlds of wide reading, inner and outer journeying, through both the historic and the personal past and present, the fleshly and the vegetal. Always alert to “terrible Aphrodite” in their swing between blazon and contreblazon, they make “pauses in transit” with great precision of image and feeling. Subtle and confronting at the same time, these are the fruits of a startling talent.


“The imagery is weighted and erotically charged, creating parallels between words and flesh, language and sensuality. The result is a visceral poetics that plays with a sex/death dialectic, crossing and re-crossing boundaries between desire and fulfilment, and rendering within the verse some kind of sweet violence. Webster’s words have a cutting edge reminiscent of Sylvia Plath and a lushness that echoes Elizabeth Bishop, and contribute a deft poise that positions her firmly in contemporary Australian writing.” AMY LIN, Westerly Magazine

“In the five parts of nothing to declare, Webster traverses the transcontinental places of her outer world, as well as interior worlds of play and imagination…This is a mercurial, shape-shifting collection, as Webster inhabits the voices of others, whilst retaining resolutely her own…The subject matter of nothing to declare ranges broadly and boldly, through worldly and imagined places, in language that is always interesting, alive and alert to irony.” ROSALEE KIELY, Plumwood Mountain Journal