David Mortimer, ‘Not-being and Somethingness’

not-being and somethingness

being not in pain is enough for a while euphoric in its way
after taking aspirin at your desk after stopping at a café
on the way to work for a bacon-egg sandwich and coffee double-shot
to line the stomach and clear the mind or mainly to just delay
the seeing of people in a work situation seeing people not
ready for work ready for action ready for the day’s play
having to act anyway and find their place in the plot
like Cordelia dealing with her dad or Guinevere with Lancelot
on a mobile phone in the corner texting for all she’s worth
with the kingdom crumbling out of sight out of mind another birth
another death under the milky way with a birthday party a funeral to cater
with Ngurunderi and Ataturk talking plans for home renovations down to earth
and Simone and Jean-Paul jointly severally turning up sooner or later
looking for the absence of Pierre everywhere at once looking for a waiter

from  Magic Logic   by David Mortimer

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