The Jewelled Shillelagh

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Has there been an Australian poet as troubadourish and piratical as Duncan Hose? The work is a response  to an imaginary Auden’s (or someone’s) pronouncement that poetry be playful or drunken speech, linguistically badly behaved – more sweet-sounding than anything I can think of in Australian English.

Michael Farrell


“As you proceed through The Jewelled Shillelagh, you might (like me) develop a paranoid sense that even the most throwaway particle or phrase may be some slang or ‘cant’ term with a whole set of underground associations giving you the slip. It’s an uncanny achievement that keeps you in thrall to Hose’s ‘intricate folly’ and keeps it from devolving into a kind of delectable kitsch or ‘pikie’ minstrelsy.” JAMES JIANG, Cordite Poetry Review