Hope Blossoming in their Ink

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Product Description

Hope Blossoming in their Ink is Juan Garrido-Salgado’s sixth poetry collection published in Australia. It is a collection of poems written over more than ten years in his new home. In each of the three sections of this book you will hear the sound of broken humanity through a poetical voice which shares verses of the struggle for justice, peace and a revolution, and bear witness to the blossoming of his new life of thirty years in this land.

In poetry honest clear words gain a unique force. In his collection Hope Blossoming in their Ink Juan Garrido-Salgado brings the passion of a life lived in the cause of revolution to verses that flow between countries, languages and cultures. His is a unique presence in Australian poetry — a mirror that captures the fl aws in our myths, a mirror we need.
— Peter Boyle

Hope Blossoming in their Ink is a remarkable collection of resistance, remembering and revolution. The powerful words, the poetry on these pages beat with an undeniable pulse of resilience and hope, capturing a life of many lives.
— Anne-Marie Te Whiu