Squeezing Desire Through a Sieve: Micro-Essays on Judgement and Justice

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Ever been arrested for drinking more than three sips of beer while standing up? Is there justice for sausages? How boring is heaven? Would you still rescue a drowning man if you knew the amount of trouble you could get into by saving his life?

Intrigued? Then dip into the micro-essays that make up Squeezing Desire Through a Sieve, MTC Cronin’s poetical foray into the everydayness of law and literature. This is where metaphor becomes a matter of life and death and where love, language and desire grapple with the legal and bureaucratic systems which overlay and attempt to govern even our most intimate moments. We may all live in the ‘shadow of the law’ but these unique morsels of prose shine a new kind of light on the jurisprudential decisions which affect us all. As an added bonus you’ll come away not only knowing why to be suspicious of your teddy-bear but why you should never ever confess to anything!

MTC Cronin has published numerous books of poetry, including several in translation, and her work has been shortlisted for many major literary awards. She has co-authored a series of poetry volumes with the Australian poet Peter Boyle, and has written several books of avant-garde cross-genre essays and prose which draw on her many years of employment in law and her engagement with the cutting-edge of jurisprudence. Cronin currently lives on an organic farm (specialising in fresh Spanish produce) with her partner and three daughters in the hinterland of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.