The Hallelujah Shadow

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He is a writer who doesn’t want to write, a traveller who ignores the lessons of a serious earthquake, an urbanite who sees the justly vilified activity of smoking as a solution to social atomisation. Andrew Sant’s new essays are those of a contrarian with a darkly amused view about the limits of human ingenuity and, as a consequence, humanity’s eventual extinction. This is a various, oblique, upbeat collection—sixteen essays as informative as they are entertaining.


“What’s likely to strike a reader of The Hallelujah Shadow, first and foremost, is Andrew Sant’s distinctive voice, which seems to belong to another time. It’s the equivalent of opening an envelope to find a letter tucked inside, written in a spidery, cursive hand…Sant’s essays are oddly fresh and enlivening, not for breaking new ground, but for resisting contemporary mores and harking back to older modes of the essay form.” ADELE DUMONT, Plumwood Mountain Journal