MTC Cronin

Margie Cronin, who writes under the name MTC Cronin, has published work that has appeared in a wide range of Australian and international poetry magazines and literary journals. Her first collection, Zoetrope: We See Us Moving, was published in in 1995. She has gone on to publish a dozen further collections, in Australia, the UK and the USA. A prolific poet, she has worked within lyric traditions as well as in the prose poem, and in more innovative forms such as that of her long poem More or Less Than 1–100, which won the Victorian Premier’s C. J. Dennis Prize for Poetry (2005) and the South Australian Festival Award for Innovation in Writing (2006). She has also published a volume of critical essays based on her doctoral work, Squeezing Desire Through a Sieve: Micro Essays on Judgement and Justice (2009).

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