God is Waiting in the World’s Yard

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The simplest of places that at every moment confronts with fresh ambiguities: ‘The world’s yard’: is it a tree-lined garden where children are playing? or the yard where a yardarm is erected, the executioner’s noose always dangling? or the boneyard where heretic and believer lie side by side to whisper their shared confidences? ‘Carnivorous laughter filters through the woods.’ Isn’t it always so?


“In God is Waiting in the World’s Yard, Cronin’s twentieth collection, contemporary gothic imagery is gruesomely and artfully tossed against the edges of its prose poems…They undeniably, disturbingly, share a truth with the violence (particularly towards women) underwriting recent history; the book’s pertinence is terrifying.” LUKE BEESLEY, Australian Book Review (paywalled)

“The ‘‘version of God’’ that Cronin assembles over some 200 pages is heterodox and fragmentary, consisting primarily of ironic portrayals of God’s strange treatment of humanity and of his relative remoteness.” GEOFF PAGE, The Sydney Morning Herald (paywalled)