Intimate, low-voiced, delicate things

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Winner of the 2022 Tim Thorne Prize for Poetry. Winner of the 2022 Tasmanian Literary Awards People’s Choice Award. 

From the award-winning author of Blood Universe – poems on pregnancy comes a full-length collection of new poetry: beautiful, poignant meditations on family and its origins, parenthood, love and the loss of love. Includes poems shortlisted for the Montreal International and Bridport Prizes.

One of the finest new voices in Australian poetry. Always clear and vivid, Esther’s poetry is marked by its depth of insight, emotional honesty and attention to craft. We are repeatedly struck by the freshness of its imagery, its delicate attention to music and line, and phrasing which seems exactly right. Intimate, low-voiced, delicate things is an extraordinary exploration of experiences most of us will recognise from our daily lives. – John Foulcher

The assurance of a tightrope walker centred in stillness high above the crowd. The all-important balance bar is weighted on one side with clarity and craft and on the other with an equal portion of emotional honesty. The effect is one of both recognition and enchantment. – Judy Johnson

Powerful, truthful and tender. – Danielle Wood


“Reading Intimate, Low-Voiced, Delicate Things is like dancing through a kaleidoscopic explosion. It is intimate, yes, in the way Ottaway writes about personal experience…Ottaway tackles the pain of divorce, a pain sharpened by a commitment to the ideal of Christian marriage…The terrain that Ottaway covers includes an ongoing engagement with embodied female experience through the terms set by childbirth and the maternal bond.” MIRIAM WEI WEI LO, Westerly Magazine