Cut a Long Story Short

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In Cut a Long Story Short Lach-Newinsky creates a resonant and lucid rave, a memoir that subverts and extends the genre, while waging a campaign to show us the incalculable facts of war, eco-troubles, the downhill slide to death and the leavening joys of life. It’s a mash-up of realities in the 20th & 21st centuries that ropes in The Wasteland, Rilke and Whitman, language as bridge & barrier, MacGyver, Frisbees and A4 batteries. A salutary read.”—Carol Jenkins


“Peter Lach-Newinsky’s Cut a Long Story Short, is an ambitious project, encompassing the experience of parents and grandparents, before an idiosyncratic verse autobiography.” AIDEN COLEMAN, The Australian

Cut a Long Story Short begins with the experience of the poet’s parents and grandparents in wartime Europe, most particularly Germany. The descriptions are vivid, particular and strongly felt – and neatly set off by fragments of factual information at the end of almost every poem about what is happening more widely. They act as a sort of leitmotiv.” GEOFF PAGE, The Sydney Morning Herald (paywalled)