Completely Surrounded: Thirty Years of the Newcastle Poetry Prize 1981-2011

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“Australian poetry is emerging as one of its most significant cultural achievements. There will come a time when the part played in this by the Newcastle Poetry Prize will be part of our national cultural history.”

— Martin Langford, NSW Poetry Development Officer.

“It is no exaggeration to say that this Prize places Newcastle in the forefront of Australian poetry patronage. It encourages by rewarding excellent writing, it recognises innovation, it garners new readers of poetry and new writers, and it helps to launch many careers.”

— Jan Owen, Open Section Judge 2007

“The Newcastle Poetry Prize is Australia’s most distinguished and diverse call-up of unpublished poems”.

— Philip Salom, Head Judge 2009

“The Newcastle Poetry Prize provides a very important context and stimulus for poets as the competition is hard and fierce. As a result, the Prize plays an important role in encouraging the production of an extremely high level of poetry.”

— Judith Beveridge

“The Newcastle Poetry Prize has brought many fine Australian poets to national attention… It not only gives much needed financial reward to the winning poet but increases their media profile and likelihood of achieving further publication.”

— Mike Ladd, Poetica, ABC Radio National