Burning Between

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Burning Between by Kait Fenwick urges you to experience “having your heart caressed while being simultaneously kicked in the guts.” These poems explore living in between; bodies, marginalised communities and a city that crosses sub/urban lines.

Fenwick rubs against the grain of your dreams, thatches meaning to a packet of Alpines and is endlessly searching for a butch on butch love scene…


“This collection is a fresh component of a general social and, hence, political challenge…It also provides readers with an astute account of some real and sometimes vulnerable experiences of breaking out of the gender binaries of the heteronormative patriarchal set-up we call ‘society’. Burning Between is a small, succinct collection of poems that is totally discerning, totally relevant and is imbued with a particularly open poetic originality. Now, it joins the burgeoning pantheon of queerities.” PAM BROWN, Cordite Poetry Review

“As a collection, Burning Between is at times challenging but always rewarding. It intimately articulates the difference between the binary opposites of notions of gender identities, siting the gap or fold or interplay between presence and absence in subjectivity in real time and lived experience.” LINDA ADAIR, Rochford Street Review

Kait Fenwick… speaks in a variety of voices in their very personal observations of the world around them.” MARY CRESWELL, Plumwood Mountain Journal