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“Shying has developed, in consultation with Emeritus Professor Christopher Kelen, a form she calls Elevensies. A proud woman of Chinese and Wiradjuri family, Shying has self-consciously arrived at a fresh form which suits her concerns: explorations of day to day life, love, passion and loss, which is made lively by the wavering positionality this form affords the adventurous reader.” LINDA ADAIR, Rochford Street Review

“[Shying] takes more liberties with the look of her poems in that she puts one line of each poem into the centre of the poem itself, which makes the reader stop and consider: is this special line a title? why bother about titles anyway? what should this particular set-up do: are we supposed to look at the special line as a comment on the rest of the text or as an integral part of the text?” MARY CRESWELL, Plumwood Mountain Journal