Basket of Sunlight

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“Meredith Wattison is one of our most edgy and luminous practitioners. Her poems build towards a contained, steady precision, and her language has an elemental purity that transmutes into flint-like brilliance. Her insights are always thought-provoking and she is a poet who never just swims with the tide or school, but always goes her own sure way. meredith Wattison is an original voice in Australuian poetry. She always delivers pleasure and surprise.

— Judith Beveridge

“Meredith Wattison adores the world. Her work is studded with sharply delicious surprises.”

— Helen Garner

Meredith Wattison was born in Sydney in 1963. Her new work tackles topics as diverse as freedom, sexual politics, the function of art, philosophy, non-philosophy, the laws of stray beauty, postmodern hedonism, random transcendence and mortality. She has lived in the Wollondilly, on the pastoral outskirts of Sydney, since 2000.


“The title of Meredith Wattison’s Basket of Sunlight suggests a collection of the fleeting and untouchable within the domestic. The sensuality of Wattison’s poems is stunning. If the life of the body, especially the life of women’s bodies, has often been excised from poetry, these poems work to reinstate it.” FELICITY PLUNKETT, Cordite Poetry Review