Acrobat Music: New & Selected Poems

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Product Description

Jill Jones is an omnivorous, attentive and exhilarating poet, admired for her seductive hauntings of urban experience and her playful rearrangements
of language and page. Her work over the last three decades has fearlessly reckoned with the body and sexuality, place and the environment, the gamut of everyday life. Now, this long-awaited book showcases Jones’ ambitious and resonant reworkings of the lyric, her dextrous and often witty extensions of experimental modes, her fresh cinematic eye, and her restless inventories of the planet’s current disasters. Gathering work from her 13 previous volumes, plus more than 30 new poems, Acrobat Music is a major recasting of Jones’ distinctive and invigorating contribution to contemporary poetry.

‘A leading contemporary stylist who has disciplined her lyric into a rigorous
and highly economical poetry of description and response.’
— Judges’ comments, 2015 Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards

‘Jill Jones’s work is characterized by its freshness and its originality, its
sensitivity to almost imperceptible valences of language, experience and
— Judges’ comments, 2021 Wesley Michel Wright Prize

‘Jones is concerned with both the physical material level and the more
subtle levels of feeling and inner consciousness. The breadth of her vision
encompasses the grit and clamour of the streets and neighbourhood, the
traffic of both road and air, the city office block, the life of the home, the
passions of the heart.’
— Judges’ comments, 2003 Kenneth Slessor Poetry Prize