A Double Act: the Selected Collaborative Poems

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Product Description

A DOUBLE ACT draws upon various intoxicating books—Airborne Dogs, Nutters Without Fetters, Poems of Relative Unlikelihood, and their verse novel The Ferrara Poems—later filmed—and The Gutman Variations, a study of Lacan. Warning: will produce exhilaration, euphoria, general systemic
excitation, scorn, weeping, laughter. Parodic, yet intense—poems terse, thoughtful, complex or pellucid, philosophical, and not unacquainted with beauty, but always sharp, always funny—A DOUBLE ACT.

“Due perhaps to their collaborative nature there is a remarkable freedom from anxiety here. But a deal of intelligence.”
— Stephanie Trigg, Island

“Ludic, breathtakingly, drastically reductive—like Weil, like Brecht—caring and bare-knuckled, canny and guileless, winsome and ruthless — I love these guys!”
— Suzy Treister, Frieze magazine