Nathan Curnow, ‘Some Final Regard’

Some Final Regard


Elizabeth Woolcock was executed in 1873 for poisoning her abusive husband. 
She had attempted to hang herself years before but failed when the beam broke.


the noose is a turnkey

the trap is a box I will not have to kick myself

the rope is good rope, the beam will not break

I have tired of the weight of dry earth, and stone

never turned to bread for me, I had to turn to men

now they come at even pace, it is better to expect it

let them pinion my arms tight like wings, say prayers

I could not have imagined, everything measured

down to the drop, no need to keep the secret of this

I will hold the asters your wife picked me, walk past

my open grave, the spade that will hurl a heap of lime

onto my fresh cut corpse, let the doctor inspect it

death from violence, this time I will not return

free from gossip, some final regard

a hood to hide the bruising

from  The Ghost Poetry Project   by Nathan Curnow

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