David Musgrave, ‘On Reflection’

For every action there is an equal and opposite
embryos in ultrasound,
serrated leaves that populate the picnic;
and for every slice of life
consumed –
medallions on a china plate,
time-lapsed growth and putrefaction
bound together in the ribboning mind –
another cut
in the adjectival theatre
going down the wrong way
and at another time altogether
made a meal of.


One night he watches a video of a contemporary movie that has putrefaction as one of its major themes. Even though the dialogue is terrible, he likes watching the maggoty images that pop up every few minutes. These, in turn are interspersed with documentaries about Life On Earth, and amputations. It makes fascinating viewing as he eats his dinner. After a few weeks of the cycle of videos, remembrance, comfort and pain, he decides it is time to return to his own home and resume the practice of everyday life.

from  On Reflection: A Twenty-Twenty Vision   by David Musgrave

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