Views from Mount Brogden and A Dictionary of Minor Poets: Collected Works Volume 3

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This third volume brings together two unique (and typically unclassifiable) additions to John Watson’s collected works. For over forty years Watson has been preoccupied with the possibilities of, and delight in, the poetic experience. Here he explores the concepts of the dictionary and the personal diary as ways of realising this delight in tangible form. Views From Mt Brogden records the reactions of a nineteenth century clergyman and minor poet to the startling landscape of the Australian outback. A Dictionary of Minor Poets catalogues fifty or so lesser known twentieth century poets, documenting their vagaries, peccadilloes, tropes and truisms, dead-ends, hopes, aspirations, appearances and disappearances as they gravitate to the notorious Hôtel des Poètes.

John Watson is the author of A First Reader, Montale: a Biographical Anthology: Collected Works Vol 1,  Erasure Traces: Collected Works Volume 2 and Occam's Aftershave: Collected Works Volume 4.