The Ringing World

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This engaging collection charts a wild ride, from the language of the laboratory to the surprises of hetero-sex to the yearnings of the about-to-be-cannibalised. The writing is at times provocative and sensual, at others slyly meditative, but always fearless, compressed, precise.

“This book is distinguished by its freshness, clarity and vivacity of style. Perhaps the poet’s scientific training has contributed to her willingness to make these daring conjectures and reports. Certainly, her poems are highly inventive. And she has a charm that is all her own, which will surely lure the reader back.” — Robert Gray

“Dearborn is a pitch-perfect poet who lies close to the ground, listens, and lets all sorts of data in. Her curiosity and wit are balanced perfectly by a tenderness and a sense that much besides us is alive in the world. Childhood and family memories are strong reference points, sharply focused and never sentimental. This sure and beautifully made collection put me in mind of the lyrics to Nick Cave’s ‘Let the Bells Ring’: here’s ‘the real real thing’.” — Lucy Dougan

Tricia Dearborn’s poetry has been widely published in literary journals, and is represented in anthologies including The Best Australian Poetry 2008, The Best Australian Poems 2010 and Australian Poetry since 1788. She has been the recipient of several new work grants from the Literature Board of the Australia Council and a residential mentorship at Varuna, the Writers’ House, and was joint winner of the 2008 Poets Union Poetry Prize. She has degrees in biochemistry and arts, did a brief stint in a research laboratory and now earns her living as a freelance editor. The Ringing World is her second collection of poetry.


“In all, The Ringing World, is a lively and lyrical collection, its often ironic humour tempered by an underlying seriousness that will, I suspect, (like tinnitus?) persist in the ear long after you have finished reading it.” GEOFF PAGE, Walleah Press

“In The Ringing World, Dearborn’s poems – with their beguiling hospitality – hold out just such an invitation, and reward the reader with a world of clarity and resonance; of wisdom distilled and whimsy set loose.” FELICITY PLUNKETT, Cordite Poetry Review