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Superette’s speaker assumes the guise of an audacious flâneuse with a practiced eye for detail. A combination of Dorothy Parker wit, burlesque, and punk, this citizen stylist observes urban life anew. The collection pulsates with sneaky beats and sharp observations of latent and not-so-latent fantasies. Her poems swell with lunch-hour humidity, re-envisioning our everyday routines and small intimacies.  Be prepared to surrender to Superette’s artful turns and city pockets, as Bufton leads us through a contemporary expanse with effortless flair.


Superette is Girlery’s dark and dangerous big sister…This is a book that insists with renewed force, with intensity and bite, on the centrality of the ‘girl’ and her manifold concerns, on the sometimes saccharine and sometimes strident dialects of popular culture, and on the need for a rambunctious, even raucous resistance to the practice of putting girls, and their cultural productions – poetry collections included – in limiting boxes.” TRISHA PENDER, Cordite Poetry Review