Since the Accident

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Product Description

In a suburban Sydney pub, a woman tells her younger sister the story of how her life has changed since a serious car accident. She speaks of the blossoming of romance, the rediscovery of her long dormant creativity: her ability to draw. And yet an exhibition comes to nothing, a lover is abandoned. She leaves everything behind. In the driving monologue of her own narrative, the younger sister attempts to make sense of her life and the events and thoughts that have obsessed the elder since the accident. First published in 2009 by Ginninderra Press.

Praise For Jen Craig
“… the reader is made aware at once that Craig is a writer of great skill.”
KERRYN GOLDSWORTHY, Sydney Morning Herald

“Since the Accident is a valuable addition to the Australian novel…. This ability to explore
innovative novelistic form that cuts to the core of the human condition without lapsing into
gratuitous experimentation is very rare…”

“Jen Craig’s voice is a rare one in the field of emerging Australian literary talent. Both her
novels, Since the Accident and Panthers and the Museum of Fire, exhibit a distinctive
style which features careful precision of the narrative voice, coupled with an intriguing
digressive approach. This draws the reader in to stories that seem endlessly reflective,
yet the novels quickly display a logic and continuity that is sustained until the very last
sentence. She has the astonishing ability to make us believe she has held every word
of the story in her head, then delivered it onto the page in a seamless whole. There is a
powerful hypnotic effect upon the reader of Craig’s work, and it is not too much of a stretch
to compare her work with the otherwise incomparable WG Sebald.”


Since the Accident is a complex story masquerading as a ‘what happened then’ narrative, as it minutely examines the psychological fallout of being raised by a narcissistic mother…A worthy, well-written first effort, one hopes Jen Craig will build on this promising debut.” LIZA HALL-DOWNS, Compulsive Reader