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Product Description

Asymmetries is a collection of short stories and flash fiction which pieces together indistinct impressions and allusions to gradually create a sense of continuity. Through formal experimentation these mysterious and often humorous compositions emulate contemporary modes of perception—the experience of having no fixed point of view, of being immersed in the fleeting, the aleatory and the fragmentary. In such a state of affairs, we are at once observing and being observed, inside and outside, the centre and the periphery.

The book can be placed in the tradition of surreal, tragic-comic modernism, evoking the milieu of Kafka, Beckett, Borges, Bernhard, and Walser. Asymmetries attempts to find a new objectivity in which the forms of contemporary perception are married to literary technique.

“An invigorating tumbler of dark matter which should be swallowed whole, in a single draught.”—Thomas Crosse