New Selected Poems

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Product Description

Geoff Page’s New Selected Poems offers a tight but generous sample from more than forty years’ work by this major Australian poet. It does full justice to the poet’s extraordinary range of subject matter and poetic modes — from his pastoral origins to the city life he prefers, from Australian history and politics through to religion, from the quietly lyrical to the brutally satirical — while being never less than deeply enjoyable.

Geoff Page has become one of the very finest celebrators of our culture, in its broadest sense; of particulars of our history, and uniqueness. His work is full of great affection and is written without pretension or program.
— Robert Gray, The Sydney Morning Herald

Page at this stage of his career is certainly one of our major poets, a poet who has made memorable poetry out of clarity, openness and a commitment to the formal possibilities of language.
— Judith Beveridge.