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… Chevalier’s voice is also present in Darger, not only in the characteristic precision of her poetic images, but in the enjoyable fizziness of her play with language and line.

… Readers less familiar with the ins and outs of poetic language will certainly find her poems enjoyable and rewarding, but there are subtleties to her work—her play with voice, line, music, image—that gratify careful and repeated reading.

 Jessica L Wilkinson,
Rabbit Interview, An Introduction to Julie Chevalier

 But it’s not just curiosity, for the poems here enhance the discrepancy between words and worlds, like ‘gullibles eat[ing] the catch of the day’, and never close the gap between ourselves and worlds and things.

… The result is a splash of astonishing poems that enlarge, illustrate, or question the articulation and meaning of printed words.

 Dominique Hecq,
review of Linen Tough as History. Cordite