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Among the earlier concerns of Gould’s poems were the interplay of fate and free will, and the emergence of imagination as the natural companion to human lives. But his more recent work – as this collection shows– has turned to an intrigue with how enchantment locates itself in experience, where ‘self and lumen take their places’. Here in Capital, both in the poems and the comic opera libretto, Gould shows once more the confidence with which he can bring the resources of English prosody to illumine a sense of enchanted being that is very much his own poetic space.

Like Donne or Herbert, the clarity of the lines doesn’t labour the complexity of thought…’
— Philip Hodgins, The Adelaide Review

For a committed free-verser like myself, Gould’s grasp of traditional verse form is dazzling – form as a ludic performance, a virtuoso doing a Paganini…’
— Adam Aitken, Australian Book Review