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“Duncan Hose treads the lesser-known path of maverick Australian poets such as Norman Talbot, John Watson and Javant Biarujia—that is, like all good must-read poets, he invents a new language, full of playful disguises and serious intent, reaffirming Baudelaire’s view that only the human-made is beautiful.”—Gig Ryan


“Has there been an Australian poet as troubadourish and piratical as Duncan Hose? In Bunratty, Hose single-handedly reinstitutes (an imaginary) Ireland­ as the mother of the poet-ratbag-leprechaun: or pretends to. And this is fair enough if you think how many Irish were forced to come here and imagine Ireland from then on.” MICHAEL FARRELL, The Australian

“This book is not quite like anything else going in Australian poetry; at once viscerally liminal, evocative of the seeping bodyliness that won’t be contained, while playfully disruptive on a parallel plane of language – the whole project of broken rules and boundaries held together by a semi-submerged, thoroughly formed, internal mythology.” MICHAEL AIKEN, Cordite Poetry Review

‘Bunratty’ reviewed in The Australian