Panthers and the Museum of Fire

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Product Description

A woman starts out from a quiet corner of Glebe in Sydney towards the bustle of Broadway and Surry Hills, carrying with her the manuscript of a childhood friend who has recently died. Her thoughts surge between past and present as she strives to understand the effect her friend’s manuscript, Panthers and the Museum of Fire, has had on her. Not only does the manuscript remind her of what she might prefer to forget – youthful ambitions, an abandoned friendship, entanglements with religion and anorexia – it also ignites in her a creative impulse.

Praise For Jen Craig
Panthers and the Museum of Fire will be among my top reads for the year. Bold, original
and urgent, it is a complex work of fictionalised-memoir in the style of writers such as
Karl Ove Knausgaard and Sheila Heti.”
ANGIE ANDREWES, Books + Publishing

“You’re in the midst of a conversation, which is my favourite kind on Bookworm, with a writer
who may be making her way into World Literature…. I found this novel to be an immense,
rich, and complex pleasure. I read it three times.”

Panthers and the Museum of Fire is an internal foray into consciousness-driven modernist
writing and is easily a beautiful addition to the Knausgaard/Ellman/Ferrante genre.”
GARRETT ZECKER, The Collidescope

Panthers and the Museum of Fire defies every piece of well-meant advice handed out to
novelists. The language is strange and obsessive, its central character is written with no
regard as to whether the reader will like or care about her, the plot is obscure and frustrating,
the setting is never picturesque. And yet it succeeds brilliantly.”