101 Quads

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Product Description

A lickety split trip through Australian life with slippery language, puns, sleight of lip and playful sharp-eyed observation. From the sudden sharks waiting under the water in Sydney Harbour to rainbow lorikeets, and too too sleekly cheeky bower birds conducting affairs in the back yard, to how the boomers will misbehave in the nursing homes of the future, the language pops from the page. The poems look sharp, and sing.

“So what is a quad? The OED and the Urban Dictionary together give us twenty definitions, but none of them applies to Chris Mansell’s collection…The poetry roams comfortably over a wonderfully broad range of topics: deserts and war, politics, love, poetic creation, history, nature, moments in the depths of the psyche…the quads are certainly a stimulating read and a fascinating poetic invention.” MARY CRESWELL, Plumwood Mountain Journal