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Porch Light

by Ivy Ireland

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Porch Light

Ivy Ireland

Poetry ISBN: 9781922186713

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“In the poem ‘Nuclear’, after stating ‘… Nothing is ever obvious or contained’, Ivy Ireland asks, ‘How can I write / a lyric poem about the micro-needle in the gargantuan multiverse?’ Yet, in a book replete with angels, devils, evolutionary theory, astro-physics, mythology, magpie song, winter flowers, ghost gums, strangler figs, human love and human fear, this is what she does. Never obvious or contained, Porch Light is its own multi-verse of ideas, speculations and puzzlements. It swings from abstract terminology to idiomatic vigour, from doubt to joy, from mind to body. This is exciting writing, exciting reading.”—Brook Emery

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A Hummingbird Mind: Les Wicks reviews ‘Porch Light’ by Ivy Ireland in Rochford Street Review, October 2015.