Sydney Christmas Party 2014

News & Awards

The Puncher & Wattmann Sydney Christmas party was held on 6th December at the Alexandria Town Hall. 

Five books were launched: Stuart Cooke's translation of George Dyuŋgayan's The Bulu Line, Meredith Wattison's terra bravura, John Watson's Three Painters: Bonnard, Beckmann and Marquet (Collected Works Volume 5), Peter Lach-Newinsky's Cut a Long Story Short and Laurie Duggan's East & Under the Weather.

The photos below were taken at that event by John Ernest Tranter, and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. See these photos on John Tranter's website.

Emery and Musgrave, Meredith Wattison

Brooke Emery and David Musgrave; Meredith Wattison

Duggan reading, Trantor, Wearne and Duggan

Laurie Duggan; John Trantor, Alan Wearne and Duggan

Cooke reading, Carruthers, Cooke and Fitch

Stuart Cooke; Andy Carruthers, Cooke and Toby Fitch

Jenkins, Hammial, Brockwell, Berry, Stephens, Lobvell

Gareth Jenkins and Phil Hammial; Lisa Brockwell, Louise Berry, Heather Stephens, Libby Lobvell

Dearborn, Watson, Emery, Perlstone

Trish Dearborn (facing camera) and John Watson; Dearborn, John Watson, Brooke Emery, Phyllis Perlstone

Wearne, Roberts, Duggan, Sue Emery, Thompson, Brooke Emery

Alan Wearne, Nigel Roberts and Laurie Duggan; Sue Emery, Alison Thompson and Brooke Emery