Laurie Duggan, ‘Blue Hills 45’

Blue Hills 45

Sunlight on a west wall lights up brick
beneath a band of concrete:


The top level of a woolstore, gridded windows
early lights of an office shadow a nursery

evenly spaced fruit trees in royal blue tubs,
shadecloth and trellis, the yellow tuft of a cockatoo

that screeches at 5 p.m.  In a cage huddle
love birds and exotics, bougainvillea rims the stone path

Buses run below the river apartments, grey tin roof curves
upper windows still in the light, ducts, ventilators, aerials

brown and blue ripples shift northeastward
across the river an inner bend of mangroves,

factories and abandoned warehouses,
a slope beyond this, the main street of a suburb

> made visible at night, lights rising to a school on a crest
jets disappear across en route to the international airport

from  The Collected Blue Hills   by Laurie Duggan

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