David Musgrave, ‘Codicil’


…and after my body has been released from the morgue
I will have my head removed, the skull cleaned
and a transverse section made from brow to just under crown, −
rough bony edges sanded smooth and varnished,
perhaps, to be gentle on the lips and tongue,
and then onto the hippocampus, the supraspinal fossa
and onto the pan of the frontal and parietal lobes
I will have an alloy of silver and gold poured,
like an inland sea teeming with dull reflections,
seeking the lower depths and cooling
into a moulding of that osseous seat of fear
and pleasure; and then, once the metal has cooled,
I will have the first of the wine poured into it,
a shiraz or a pinot noir, and then the skull shall be passed
from hand to hand, and with each draught taken from it,
loosened tongues will make of my name an oath or an execration.

from  Concrete Tuesday   by David Musgrave

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