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A woman returns to Australia to clear out her father’s house, with an eye to transforming the contents into an art installation in the tradition of the revered Chinese artist Song Dong. What she hasn’t reckoned with is the tangle of jealousies, resentments, and familial complications that she had thought, in leaving the country, she had put behind her — a tangle that ensnares her before she arrives.

Wall is an extraordinarily compacted work of rich complexity, humour, and sadness. Its narrator’s steadfast desire to explain herself, to clarify the seemingly unclarifiable, is as close to mirroring the roiling momentum of real consciousness that I’ve read in a modern novel. When I read Jen Craig I find it impossible to imagine a better way to capture the mysterious workings of the mind – its inadvertent epiphanies, its loose but determined associations, its cruelly recurring entrapments – without writing just like her. But no one else could.”
SHAUN PRESCOTT, Bon and Lesley

“In Jen Craig’s astonishing prose, language turns on itself and its users, paradoxically bringing us closer to the very things that resist description. As Wall’s artist narrator sifts and sorts through layers of inherited rubbish, provisional arguments, and unreliable artifice — trying to find the needle in the haystack as well as, at all costs, avoid it — we are so completely drawn into her language and her patterns of thought that we begin to
wonder whether the gap between art and life is ever a gap at all.”
EMILY HALL, The Longcut

“Every new novel by Jen Craig is cause for celebration. They are a reminder that literature is still being written in the English language. In Wall, her brilliant third novel, Jen Craig deepens her proliferative style of self-examination as her narrator tries to contend with that most heart wrenching of questions: how to dispose of your parents’ belongings after they die?”