The Wing Collection: New and Selected Poems

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The Wing Collection presents a broad overview of the distinctive contribution Diane Fahey has made to Australian poetry over the course of thirty years. It offers extensive selections from her work on birds and insects, on the worlds of myth and story, and on meetings with river and sea. A search for spiritual touchstones guides her many-layered explorations of the mysteries of place, time, and transformation.

Diane Fahey is one of Australia's foremost poets. She has published twelve books of poetry, the most recent being The Stone Garden: Poems from Clare. Sea Wall and River Light, a collection of sonnets set in Barwon Heads, was a winner of the ACT Government's Judith Wright Poetry Award. Other awards include the Newcastle Poetry Prize, the John Shaw Neilson Poetry Award, and the Wesley Michel Wright Award. She lives in at Clifton Springs on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria.



“Over many years, I have watched Fahey’s poetry evolve to include richly diverse interests and she effortlessly casts her voice for the poem at hand. Her distinctly narrative stance can be varyingly hard and resolute, compassionate and ironic, or it can delicately hover over its subject.”



The Wing Collection, from Puncher & Wattmann, showcases a wonderful array of her work. This generous collection offers a rich journey through Fahey’s key images and the recurring preoccupations that have made her work so distinctive.”

ROSE LUCAS, The Australian Book Review


“The book's sequence is inspired: grouping new poems and generous selections from her books into broad themes rather than chronological order. This refreshes her oeuvre by inviting the reader (and, presumably, the poet) to draw lines of exchange between the preoccupations of her early and later poems. The book arcs from Fahey's poems about birds, to spiritual art and mythology, and alights in the final two sections on the domestic and marine sites of her life and writing.”

BONNY CASSIDY, The Australian