The Weekly Poem

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The Weekly Poem has been primarily designed with teachers and students of poetry in mind. It contains exercises using 52 different concepts and forms, all of which have been developed to inspire and expand poetic practice. Each exercise is accompanied by one or more poems—sourced from around the world, with a main focus on Australia—which provide guidance, depth and an invigorating sense of possibility.

The Weekly Poem represents an invaluable resource for all poets—emerging or established—and may be of benefit both in the classroom or at the private desk.


“The Weekly Poem is a terrific resource for students of all ages, and a source of inspiration for teachers longing to nourish their inner poetic voice. It would complement a range of thematic studies across stages, with a range of carefully selected poems touching on issues such as coming of age, childhood, personal memory and self-discovery. Teachers seeking to expand their students’ understanding and appreciation of poetry in its many manifestations can locate an extensive list of poetic forms with a quick glance at the contents page; Albiston does the work for you by compiling a rich sampler of engaging exemplars of anthem, ballade, blank verse, ekphrastic, pantoum, monochord, senryu, tanka and villanelle, welcome additions to the usual fare of acrostics, ballads, haikus and sonnets (which can also be found in this text).” REBECCA ROSS, English Teachers Association NSW

The Weekly Poem provides the answer to my childhood problem—diphthongs can be counted as one or two syllables, which is nice to know even though I no longer write syllabic verse. The book is full of small bits of information and cross references  which enable a student to pursue their knowledge of poetic forms and tricks a little deeper, and which answer many questions that can confuse beginning and experienced writers alike. It also has a small but functional glossary which most likely is more than enough for a high school student.” B.J. MUIRHEAD, Rochford Street Review

“While the focus in these selections is on poems by Australian poets, there are also selections from overseas poets and seminal masters of poetry in English. In this regard, The Weekly Poem can also be enjoyed as a wonderful anthology, thrumming with poems that are alive to this diverse art. There is a highly useful glossary of essential poetic terms.” JACINTA LE PLASTRIER, Australian Book Review


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