Skin Theory

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“On the crudest level it takes a lot of energy to sustain a nineteen book career in a generally blasé literary culture like Australia’s. But at a more significant level, energy is what animates the poems. They have a life and intensity that makes them crackle for the reader despite the inevitable frustrations of our ‘irritable search after meaning.’” — Martin Duwell on Sugar Hits

“His language uses beguiling vernacular devices in a style that is as refreshing as it is original to illuminate whatever its roving eye settles on. His images are frequently violent, obscene, eccentric or funny, and sometimes all at once. This is no easy-going music, but poems that are disturbing, confronting, which refuse to be categorized.” — Mark O’Flynn

Skin Theory is Philip Hammial’s twenty-first collection of poetry. His sixteenth collection, In the Year of Our Lord Slaughter’s Children, was short-listed for the Kenneth Slessor Prize in 2004, as was his fourteenth collection, Bread, in 2001. He is also a sculptor. He has had thirty-one solo exhibitions including, in 2008, a seven week long retrospective exhibition (222 pieces) at the Orange Regional Gallery.