Morris in Iceland

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The life of William Morris – poet, designer, socialist visionary – and the music of Björk: are these the materials for a modern opera? The Inner West Creative Mime Atelier think so. As their project unfolds to the dream-like tempo of a Sydney summer, it intersects the lives of the narrator, his grandchild, his daughter Gracie and her intended spouse. His wife’s absence meanwhile gives the narrator time to ponder the theory of narrative, the roles that life calls on us to play, and the disturbing fascination of the ensemble’s young choreographer.

“I was very moved by this book. It is not only a jeu d’esprit, an intellectual game, an act of extreme virtuosity – in that respect it reads like Sterne – but it is also about making your way in the world, holding it all together, and dreaming. It’s really about dreaming and continuing to dream as you get older, perhaps particularly as you get older.” — Ivor Indyk

Alex Jones, after a brief career in the law, spent his working life teaching at the University of Sydney. His interests there have included Old English, linguistic theory, the literature of fantasy, and Australian English, both written and spoken, but he counts as his greatest intellectual influence time spent working on the Gurindji language at Wattie Creek (NT).