Liber XIX: Differentia Liber

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“Paul Hardacre’s lines, packed with music, humming with art and literature, gather in a world that seems marvellously positive in this dark time. The depth and craft of these lines reveals serious learning along with innocence and experience. This book takes Basil Bunting’s advice to young poets seriously, ‘Never explain – your reader is as smart as you.’ As I read through this exciting book I was constantly reminded of something Robert Duncan would say at his poetry readings and lectures: ‘I often say: “I read” when I mean “I wrote” – or vice versa.’ And Duncan would be an illuminating guide to follow through this work, the mix of the romantic with the existential, high language with the low, the profound singing and the adventure of its grand experiment. This is a brave book and one that improves on each reading, Paul Hardacre is an important poet with something profound to say, he says it in a new way and he backs it up with ideas that support this urgent music.” — Robert Adamson

“Hardacre is one of the finest poetical transmuters out there. He is to be venerated and feared at once. He is going places few contemporary poets have risked acknowledging, never mind visiting. Like all great innovators, he reaches as far back as knowledge.” — John Kinsella