Coming to Nothing

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Product Description

Within this robust and delicate collection, Morgan Yasbincek simultaneously explores and invokes a constellation of poetic voices
that all, ultimately, resolve into the nothing which gives them birth. Presence gives way to absence and absence hints at something beyond
a restoration of presence, something her poems take seriously and ground through disruption, ‘the vowels of silence’, and the truth of
life, lived, grieved and continued.

Ever becoming, and eternally un-becoming, this intimate and sensual collection brings us close to tongues which become plants, daughters
who unfold through Ancient Hindu plays and verdant landscapes which are forever speaking of the stillness beyond all things. All is
animate, all have voices here, even in the silence and darkness of separation and loss. With Sappho as compañera and the Fragment
pointing to what always is, Morgan’s crafting of words awakens a world we have always known and always failed to name.