As Good a Woman as Ever Broke Bread

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Product Description

This debut collection of poetry explores the threads and gaps in family and national story — both oral and archival — to connect multiple generations of migration, separation, adoption, secrecy and reunion. The poems connect seemingly distant times and places — from slave plantations in North America, to the rookeries of London, a bend in the Nepean River and a street corner in The Rocks — and pay homage to other poets communing with ‘archival women’, including Jeanine Leanne, Natalie Harkin, Elfie Shiosaki and M. NourbeSe Philip.

“ A marvellous debut, fierce and tender. Alex McInnis explores the burdens of generations, the secrets and whispers, the sorrows and horrors of the past with breath-taking beauty, honesty and poignancy. Every word is perfect.”
– Grace Karskens