A Crooked Stile

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Product Description

A Crooked Stile takes a slantwise leap over the everyday, a fencer’s delight in parry and parody. Starting out from an almost out-of-body consideration of being, Jenkins blithely waltzes around the globe, your better-than-Baedeker witty tour guide. At home, she wades into symbolic systems, taking on water, punctuation. zero, family and mortality before briefly tilting her dunce’s cap at the sun, as it sinks into the west.


“This collection is a distillation of all that has come before in the poetry of Carol Jenkins—fresh scientific observation of the world around us, windows onto human desire and the connections we make with one another, and the possibilities of fun inherent in the English language. In fact, its tonal balance is spot-on.” BENJAMIN DODDS, Westerly Magazine