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The Puncher & Wattmann Prize for a First Book of Poetry

The First Poetry Book Prize is open for 2020. First prize is $1,500 and publication with Puncher & Wattmann. Entries close December 31, 2020. The judges this year are Ed Wright and Ella Jeffery. More here


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Praise for Philip Salom’s new novel Waiting

According to Stephen Romei in his Ragged Claws column, a queue was lining up to review Waiting for the Weekend Australian. A very positive short review in the international magazine Monocle, describes Waiting as "...an insightful novel about big characters with very little in life, exploring what this says about the rest of us."

Antoni Jach has called Waiting "a bittersweet tale of the marginalised and the searching." and that it is "Weirdly moving, tender and insightful", while John Clarke has praised Salom as "a wonderful storyteller".  Sue Woolfe says Waiting contains: "flashes of poetry and sudden insight and such profound compassion (it) should be labelled – WARNING: Could make the reader kinder".


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