Melbourne Christmas Party 2014

News & Awards

The Puncher and Wattmann Christmas party was held on Sunday December 14th, at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel, 296 Rae Street.

P&W Christmas party Melbourne 2014,Philip Salom and Jenny Harrison

Alterworld by Philip Salom was launched by Jennifer Harrison (pictured above). Babel Fish by Jillian Pattinson was launched by Paul Mitchell.

P&W Christmas party Melbourne 2014, David Musgrave and Jillian Pattinson

David Musgrave with Jillian Pattinson, author of Babel Fish

P&W Christmas party Melbourne 2014 image 1

Clockwise from top left: Paul Mitchell; Kevin Pearson and Gail Hannah of Black Pepper Press; Gig Ryan and Andrew Sant; Aven Hodges; Anthony Lynch and Amanda Johnson  

P&W Christmas party Melbourne 2014 image 3

Clockwise from top left: Ceri Kidby-Salom; Anthony Lynch, Jo Langdon and Simon West; Ross Bennett, Andrew Sant, Philip Salom and David Musgrave; Michael Sharkey and Pete Spence

P&W Christmas party Melbourne 2014 image 4

Clockwise from top left: Susan Fealy, Jacinta Le Plastrier; Petra White and Michelle Borzi; Alex Skovron; Muzzer; Mal McKimmie 

P&W Christmas party Melbourne 2014 image 5

Clockwise from top left: Bruce Day, Thomas Crosse; Jillian Pattinson; Lauren Ford and son; Sari Smith and Anthony Skipper; Brendan Salom and Leticia Brown; Zoe Campbell-Walker