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““Wall” turns out to be an acute and exasperating case study in avoidance. It portrays the self—that object of intense contemporary fascination—as a kind of machine designed to distract us from ever having to think about death.” – Sam Sacks, Wall Street Journal
“A fantastic tale based on the life of early-20th-century boxer Joe Grim throws a flurry of wild punches.” – Sam Sacks, Wall Street Journal
“Grimmish provides a model for how a writer might confront the difficult challenge of writing about, and celebrating, masculine energies and impulses: acknowledge the challenge, absorb the blows. Chin down, fists up.” – Ian Sansom, Times Literary Supplement
“Grimmish, a novel about Joe Grim, a boxer famed for his ability to take a beating, is playful, touching, eccentric, full of feeling — and you’ll learn a bit about pain and pugilism.” – Robbie Millen, The Times