Lu Ye

Born in December, 1969, Lu Ye is a Chinese poet. She did her B.A. and M.A. at Shandong University and is now teaching at the University of Jinan, China. She has won a number of poetry awards, including the Chinese National Award for the Young Poets by Poetry Monthly (2005), the People’s Literature Award (2011) and the Distinguished Achievement Award by Poetry Exploration (2016). She has also been elected one of “the Top 10 Best Young Women Poets of the New Century”, awarded by Poetry Monthly, the Chinese Writers
Association (2006). She was the poet-in-residence in Capital Normal University, Beijing, China (2005), the poet-in-residence of the KHN Center for the Arts in NE, USA (2008), and a visiting poet and scholar in Creighton University, Omaha, NE, USA (2006 and 2016, respectively). To date, she has published a number of poetry collections and novels in China.

Puncher & Wattmann titles by Lu Ye